Liberty within our lifetime…

A week ago, the first floating house or ‘Sea Pod’ was presented by Ocean Builders. This company is affiliated with the Seasteading Institute, a libertarian organization originally founded by Patri Friedman (grandson of Milton). What would have been a milestone in an ambitious project to achieve ‘liberty within our lifetime’ went horribly wrong. The ‘Seapod’ began to tilt right after the presentation. Without trying to be mean, the irony cannot be ignored: libertarians are notoriously bad at developing libertarian projects.


Third expedition to Galicia

Yes, we are still alive and kicking and ready for another expedition to explore abandoned villages in Galicia! The last couple of months have been extremely hectic. I lost my father and gained a daughter. All the while being very busy at work. Nevertheless, as live goes on, so did the planning for the next phase of our Free Commune. And there is news too!


First meeting of Free Commune members

Any type of movement starts with convincing people of an idea, and generating trust between members to be able to work as a team to achieve an objective. Freedom is a great idea, but people who enjoy their own freedom are usually not likely join a movement for a common cause. It has always been a mayor weakness of the liberty movement. Communists by contrast have a terrible idea, but attract followers willing to follow Read more…

Progress is wonderful

Once in a while I listen to Dutch podcaster Robert Jensen, and about a week ago he gave an answer to the question: how do we get out of the covid crisis/madness? In short, his reply was that the people who are awake now, are already mentally out of the crisis. The moment you decide to no longer participate, you have already won. I got that feeling from seeing our members at the first virtual Read more…