Free Commune

What is a Free Commune? A group of people choosing to live together, willing to help one another in a spirit of Freedom and Generosity. Freedom means that members cannot make demands on other members for time nor property. Generosity cannot be enforced, for it must come from the heart.

Who can join?

We welcome members of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientation, dexterity and so forth. We also value diversity of opinion and reject any initiation of force or violence. For only with free and open conversations can we create a better society.

We value freedom above all, even though it does come at a price. For example, we do not depend on outsiders to maintain our roads or water system. If you want to join you should be willing to work hard or pay other people to do so on your behalf.

We don’t set a minimum or maximum age, but we hope to attract young people with children or want to have them. For a community can only thrive when it’s alive.

Nature & Self sufficiency

We value a clean environment, as well as self-sufficiency. In our village we will develop economically viable solutions for drinking water, to process waste, generate electricity and construct housing for our members.

We encourage our members to cultivate food using permaculture principles, and to produce as much of our own food as possible. There is also plenty of game in the area that can be hunted.

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