Poster for Festival Penadexo

Festival de Santito

And there we have it: the official poster for the first edition of our Santito Festival! It is written in the local language, so to clarify: it’s July 27th starting at six in the afternoon. We will dedicate our water source to Saint Titus Brandsma and do so in style.

Why so late, you might ask. Well it was no easy feet to have basic infrastructure in place prior to the festival. We had to create our own water system from scratch, there was no septic tank installed in the main house, and regular rain in combination with plentiful sun make weeds grow crazy fast. We have a sizeable group and lots of support but the number of people permanently here is limited at this point. It would have been convenient if our patron saint had stayed alive a few weeks longer, but we managed anyway:

So there you have it, at the last minute we scratch together a big ass sounds system, wine, barbecue, priest, scantily clad girls and party like good Catholics! We expect a bunch of group members and friends to arrive the coming weeks and camp on site. For the first time in many decades, Penadexo will truly come alive again!

If you like to reserve a spot, contact us!

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