When doing nothing is not an option

The world is becoming less and less free. Central Bank Digital Currency, digital ID, facial recognition cameras, internet censorship and all manners of surveillance are being developed and made into law. The covid plandemic demonstrated how (medical) tyranny can be implemented from one day to the next. We should prepare for future events.

Here are a couple of reminders of how close we came to totalitarian tyranny:

The people who did this are still in charge. They will continue to abuse their power, and the masses will follow without questioning.

Recognizing these uncomfortable truths, we only have two options: face these challenges in our home countries, or move out. Both options require preparation. Perhaps if your income allows it, you could prepare for both. Decide for yourself, do you want to stay if there is another lockdown event? Or would you prefer to find strength with a group of like-minded people living elsewhere?

Decide now.

Don’t expect an apology

The hardest part is always taking the first step. To overcome apathy and get into action, instead of being a rabbit staring at a bright light. Let’s have a look at some of the options you have should you decide to stay:

  • Is your house in a suitable location if there is major unrest? Are you in a big city, where non-compliance is difficult, or civil unrest could lead to violence? Do you have good neighbours, or would you like live with more trustworthy people? Do you have a garden to cultivate crops? Decide if your current house is adequate. If not, sell it and buy something more suitable. Also living alone makes live so much more difficult in any given scenario, so take that into consideration if you do.
  • Are you debt free? This might be a good reason to sell a house too. Citizens who are in debt are more easily controlled by a totalitarian government. Downsizing will reduce your exposure.
  • Put some savings away in assets that are not eaten up by inflation or can be blocked by government decree.
  • Learn about prepping. Take it as far as you are willing to go: from having a decent storage of canned food and bottled water, to remodeling your house to be self-sufficient enough to withstand a prolonged SHTF scenario. The latter would include off-grid solar system, a wood stove, a well and septic system.
  • Learn about self-defense. Join a shooting range, buy a crossbow, join kickboxing gym.
  • Cultivate some crops. Start for example with potatoes: they are easy to grow and high yield. Even a small garden will give you enough for months.
  • Learn a useful skill for fixing things, nursing people or producing a basic necessity.

Now what if nothing happens, and we all happily cruise through the next decade? At worst, you’ll be debt free, in a house with a garden, with low energy bills, surrounded by good neighbours, enjoying some interesting hobbies.

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Obviously, as someone who decided to start a free community in an abandoned village, I have made my decision. That doesn’t mean I believe leaving is the superior choice. During my childhood we moved around a lot, so I never got to experience what it is like to have a hometown. But I understand people who grew up in one place which they cherish, want to defend and preserve it. If that is the case, make preparations, so you won’t be caught by surprise like in 2020.

Never forget the stupidity

A major disappointment during the plandemic was how easy most people went along with tyranny, including friends and family. It was a great lesson in how totalitarian movements are formed and how easy it is to make people march in goose step. I lost a lot of respect for my fellow human beings over the course of three years.

People were willing to sacrifice their own children

That is why in 2021 I began preparations for a free community that can maintain normalcy during ‘new normal’ times. In order to make it possible, the location had to be in Europe. Secondly, it needed to be an abandoned location, to allow for a level of sovereignty. Thirdly, it needed to be in a location with a pleasant climate. Fourthly, it needed to be close enough to major population centers to be able to get there by car. And lastly, it needed to be affordable for average and low incomes too, which was defined as: initial investment of 15k or less.

First visit winter 2022

Almost two years later, we are about to close a deal on an abandoned village in Galicia. The region has a pleasant climate with four seasons, including a short but real winter, with plenty of rain to keep the landscape lush and make crops grow like crazy. Summers are typical Spanish with three months of sunshine, but tempered by an altitude of almost 800 meters.

As far as prices go, you cannot find a more affordable region within Europe. Some of the ruins are practically free, making it a great plan B for even the most modest of households. That way younger people can join too, to form an actual community where children grown up wild and free. Cost of living is extremely low too.
We will also restore some houses and sell them ready to move in. Not everyone can or wants to restore a house after all, so if you can afford to, we will do it for you.

Not a priority

Now there are plenty of alternative libertarian communities. They outbid each other on who has the best golf course, private marina and fancy dining options. But I always wonder, where do the caddies, dockworkers and waiters live? These are not actual communities, but resorts. They won’t survive any major upheaval. Their residents often barely spend any time in them anyway.

We don’t have a nine-hole golf course. Should you wish to play golf, you can find one 45 minutes drive away. It is not essential for day to day living. What is important is being able to go outdoors. To live in freedom. To form meaningful relationships with family, friends and neighbours. To be together instead of ‘alone together’. We will not be caught off-guard again, but live free and thrive.

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