Third expedition to Galicia

Yes, we are still alive and kicking and ready for another expedition to explore abandoned villages in Galicia! The last couple of months have been extremely hectic. I lost my father and gained a daughter. All the while being very busy at work. Nevertheless, as live goes on, so did the planning for the next phase of our Free Commune. And there is news too!

During the last expedition in April we made some contacts with owners of abandoned houses. One couple who nowadays live in Vigo, have been extremely helpful. He tracked down several owners of an abandoned village and they are positive about the idea of seeing it restored.

Lately some forest fires have raged in the area, but appear to be under control. The coming weeks I’ll investigate and report from the spot. The question is, can we reach some kind of deal this time? There is no rush, but it certainly would be nice. The way I see it, as soon as we own one house legally in one of these villages, it’s a starting point to acquire more.

Coming autumn I expect a new covid variety to appear on the scene, more dangerous and contagious than the last one (!!11!). The restrictions that were lifted this spring will be immediately put in place. Most of the population will accept it without any protests. Erosion of our freedom will continue unabated.

The need for an alternative will continue to grow. Feel free to join us on this trip, from July 25 to August 13! Also subscribe to our Youtube channel!

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