First meeting of Free Commune members

Any type of movement starts with convincing people of an idea, and generating trust between members to be able to work as a team to achieve an objective. Freedom is a great idea, but people who enjoy their own freedom are usually not likely join a movement for a common cause. It has always been a mayor weakness of the liberty movement. Communists by contrast have a terrible idea, but attract followers willing to follow a leader to achieve their communist hellhole utopia.

Our first physical meeting therefore was a milestone in order to reach a level of cohesion normally not seen between people of the liberty movement: a willingness to step outside of our normal, individual path. Only by working as a group can we achieve the goal of a Free Commune.

An impression from one of the participants:

“It’s going to be fun there in Spain.” That’s what we concluded when we got back into the car heading for Belgium. We had just met physically with some other colonistas. Until then, we had met online. Despite the distance of online meetings, I had the feeling that we already knew each other well. The afternoon flew by; before we even realised it, it was dark. We had a very nice time and everything went very naturally: everyone had brought something along and together we created a pleasant atmosphere. I am secretly looking forward to doing this on Sunday in our future village. We are looking forward to it even more!”

Pictures are posted on the forum.

So what’s next? A small delegation will start exploring Spain possibly as early as next week. If you like to join this endeavor let us know.
We will take a small sample of the region of Spain that holds most abandoned villages: Galicia. There we will visit a few of such villages, and document what we find to show to other members. Furthermore we will make useful contacts to learn more about how we can acquire real estate, and what common challenges we might encounter. Every night we will do an online meeting and answer your questions and write down those that need answering.

After the delegation returns, we shall hold a big meeting at a yet undisclosed location. There we can decide if the information gathered in Spain justifies pursuing this location further or that we should look elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “First meeting of Free Commune members

  1. Soy Mireia, me gustaría conoceros, según decís váis a reuniros en fechas diciembre/enero. Estaría bien conocernos e intercambiar opiniones. Un saludo.

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