Festival de Santito

And there we have it: the official poster for the first edition of our Santito Festival! It is written in the local language, so to clarify: it’s July 27th starting at six in the afternoon. We will dedicate our water source to Saint Titus Brandsma and do so in style.

Stunning autumn pictures

In the north of Europe, autumn is my least favorite season. Gray and dreary days, weeks where you don’t see the sun. Cold, windy and wet. I felt that autumn colours, falling leafs and mushrooms popping up was no compensation. Autumn in Galicia is definitely far better: for the second year I get to enjoy […]

Free Commune presentation in Prague

14 & 15 October we are participating in the conference ‘Liberty in our Lifetime’ in Prague.This conference focuses on so-called free cities, or in our case a free village, where the rights and freedom of the individual are respected. Last year, we participated virtually. It was too early to offer anything back then. Read about […]

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